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Project - Tech s.r.o. - metal production

  • About us:

  • We have a lot of experiences in heavy and general engineering, in production of various special-purpose machines and products.
    We provide a construction work and design, production, installation and service of the designed devices according to the customers.
    We´ve done the contruction work in these programs: 3D CAD, SOLIDWORKS, INVENTOR. These programs allow you to output in the native formats of CAD or convert it to DWG,DXF,IGES and others. They fulfill the requirements on the spatial visualisation of the drawn projects and enable the creation of 2D documentation which we need for production.
    You can exploit our capacity on your workplace. It´s suitable if you don´t have enough of your own capacity. We are experienced in another CAD´s software: Catia V5, SilodEdge, AutoCad.


The main activities of the design office

- Custom development of new special-purpose machines, welding and cutting preparations, manufacturing equipment according to customer requirements.
- Preparation of manufacturing documentation supplied steel structures according to project a static calculation.
- Creation of manufacturing documentation.
- Development of product design, its strength and dimensional analysis. Making kinematic analysis, graphical animation and rendered images of the product.
- Redrawing the existing technical documentation - digitization of documentation.
- Conversion and editing of existing machinery.
- Creation of catalogs and data sheets, visualization of your products.
- Cooperation with external designers.

- The possibility of cooperation at the customer.



- Single-piece, small-lot and serial production
- Welding: metals, stainless steel, aluminum
- Cutting: Water Jet, Wire, Laser, Plasma, Oxyfuel
- Machining on conventional machines
- Machining on CNC machines
- Metal forming - bending, shearing,
- Heat treatment
- Surface Finishing
- Short manufacturing and delivery deadlines